Laurie Russell



Laurie Russell

Laurie and her dogs

A native of Rockford, Illinois Laurie grew up the Real Estate business. Her father owned Bliss-Adelman Realtors, which he started with his best friend Jack Bliss. Laurieʼs first experience in the real estate office was answering phones, pulling listing sheets (no MLS or computers back then) and running keys to agents so they could show the firm’s listings. Her favorite job was to bake cookies for the open houses and Tuesday tour day. She can still hear her father telling her, smell is one of the senses that will encourage people to take a closer look. So it is no surprise that Laurie got into the real estate business here in Florida. She could finally combine her true love, horses and a real estate career specializing in farms here in Ocala, “The Horse Capital of the World”.

The infamous Maude

Laurie was hooked at age 6 on horses and fell head over heels for everything equine. The story goes like this: her father took her older brother to a Cubs game on Laurieʼs 6th birthday and excluded Laurie. To appease the very angry little Laurie, he had the neighbors bring their paint pony (Maude) down to the house for Laurieʼs birthday party. Once she stepped up on Maudeʼs back in her party dress, she knew she was in love forever and this was the start to her equine bliss (or madness, depending on your point of view). Her father always said the most costly mistake he ever made was not taking her to that Cubs game. Laurie got her first horse shortly after the birthday party, a grey appaloosa named Delta Dawn who loved to buck Laurie off.

From humble beginnings in the equine world, Laurie has become an exceptional equestrian and horsewomen. With many ribbons, awards and accolades in the hunter jumper equine sport, Laurie has earned the respect of her competitors and colleagues. Along with her husband Doug Russell, who is a very sought after course designer in the hunter jumper equestrian show circuit, together they have built a beautiful farm “Triple R Farm” in the heart of the NW Ocala area.

One of the happy residents at Doggie Dude Ranch in Ocala

Laurieʼs other passion, dogs, have turned into quite the thriving business with her opening of the Doggie Dude Ranch several years ago. The Doggie Dude Ranch provides a daycare program and a full boarding facility for our local community. The facility is 10 acres, completely fenced with no-climb fencing, so the dogs can have free range. In the afternoons and evenings, they are invited inside to the air conditioned Doggie Den for movies and popcorn! She dreamed of a stress-free environment for pooches whose parents have to travel for business or vacation, and Doggie Dude Ranch is the embodiment of her dreams!

Moving to Ocala has been a dream come true for Laurie & Doug. Not only was it possible for she and her husband to have a gorgeous farm, show horses right in their back yard at HITS and open up a dog business, but they feel they have become part of a wonderful community.

Laurieʼs sincere nature, knowledge of the equine / farm industry, and passion for Ocalaʼs Equine Community make her an excellent Realtor. Call Laurie today and let her show you around Ocala for your dream farm tomorrow. Contact Laurie Russell Directly : 561-307-2477 Or By Email